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I had one single chance to get it right. Only one fraction of a second. This is about photography AND Sid Vicious.
Legends of Punk; Photos From the Vault photographer Rikki Ercoli
tells of bumping into Sid Vicious around New York City and photographing Sid Vicious at the legendary Max's Kansas City in Sept. 1978.

My punk spy movie

a 9 day vegetarian festival shot in Phuket, Thailand.

Do aliens live in New Jersey?

                                1987 Super 8 Masterpiece:
                         Big Dicked Little Thing.
           Hectorini takes San Francisco Muni to Lands End.

I shot this little Super 8
gem of a Monster Movie @1980
with my pals.


I was 17 in ‘75 and was living in the best decade of horror movies.

I lived and breathed for these masterpieces.

I started to make my own on Super 8.

4 decades later this is my extended trailer.

Punk Kids on Quaaludes 1980
They go One Step Beyond!

                         Jersey Boys head to NYC Sopranos style.

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